《Tao Te Ching》Chapter 72 ~ 《道德经》(第七十二章) with English Translations












《Tao Te Ching》Chapter 72(Victor H. Mair 译)

When the people do not fear the majestic,

Great majesty will soon visit them.

Do not limit their dwellings,

Do not suppress their livelihood.

Simply because you do not suppress them, they will not grow weary of you.

For this reason,

The sage is self-aware, but does not flaunt himself;

He is self-devoted, but does not glorify himself.


He rejects the one and adopts the other.

《Tao Te Ching》Chapter 72(Stephen Mitchell 译)

When they lose their sense of awe,

people turn to religion.

When they no longer trust themselves,

they begin to depend upon authority.

Therefore the Master steps back

so that people won’t be confused.

He teaches without a teaching,

so that people will have nothing to learn.

《Tao Te Ching》Chapter 72(R.B. Blakney 译)

If people do not dread your majesty,

A greater dread will yet descend on them.

See then you do not cramp their dwelling place,

Or immolate their children or their stock,

Nor anger them by your own angry ways.

It is the Wise Man’s way to know himself,

And never to reveal his inward thoughts;

He loves himself but so, is not set up;

He chooses this in preference to that.

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