Li Shangyin’s Poetry – – 李商隐《楚吟》

Li Shangyin was born about 812 or 813 CE, but the exact date is uncertain. His career was rough, and he never obtained a high position, either because of factional disputes or because of his association with Liu Fen (劉蕡), a prominent opponent of the eunuchs.













The Southern King’s Tryst with the Mountain Goddess

Uphill the palace stands,above the halls a bower,

The stream before the halls carries twilight away.

The evening sky brings flesh showers for thirsting flower.

How could the griefless poet without sorrow stay?

Note:The griefless poet in the last line refers to Song Yu(宋玉)who wrote about the dream of the Southern King’s(楚襄王)tryst with the Goddess of Mount Witch(巫山神女)in the bower uphill.The poet is grieved for the king of the Tang Dynasty also dreams of his own joy without doing good to the people.