100 Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix百鸟朝凤 – Chinese Songs

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Chinese Name: 百鸟朝凤

English Name: 100 Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix, Bai Niao Chao Feng

Composer: Nameless

100 Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix
100 Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix

100 Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix is popular folk music in Henan, Anhui, Shandong, and Hebei. Its predecessor was the accompaniment in the sedan chair of Henan opera. Because Henan Opera is very popular, it makes a hundred birds and a phoenix popular in Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Anhui, and other places. It is also known as the sound of a hundred birds. It is excellent music that fully demonstrates the artistic charm of Suona.


What is Suona?

Suona唢呐, also called Laba or Haidi, is a Chinese double-reed horn. As early as the 3rd century, with the opening of the Silk Road, Suona was introduced into China from Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It is a member of the oboe family in the world. After thousands of years of development, Suona has its unique temperament and timbre. It has become a representative national wind instrument in China.


The sound of Suona is majestic. The tube body is mostly made of rosewood and sandalwood, which is conical. The double reed made of the reed is installed at the top, which is connected with the wooden tube body through a copper core, and a copper bowl is sleeved at the lower end. The key is added. Suona also has half-tone keys and treble keys, which expand the sound range and increase the expressiveness of the instrument.

100 Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix by Suona (excerpt)

Original Source of 100 Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix

” 100 Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix ” was originally a piece of folk music popular in Henan, Anhui (mainly in Northern Anhui), Shandong, Hebei, and other places. With its warm and cheerful melody and the harmony of birds, it shows the vibrant scene of nature.

This song is very difficult and generally difficult to learn. Learners need to work hard, practice constantly and accumulate over the years in order to really master this song and blow out its due flavor.


In the spring of 1953, the Heze team of Shandong Province participated in the national concert as a Suona solo and was warmly welcomed.

When ” 100 Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix ” was selected to participate in the performance program of the fourth World Youth Festival, the folk musician Ren Tongxiang processed it with the assistance of professional musicians. In view of the defects of the original song, he compressed the bird’s cry, deleted the chicken’s cry, and designed a colorful phrase using the long sound technique of special circular ventilation method to expand the end of allegro, Make the whole song end in a warm and jubilant atmosphere. In the 1970s, on the basis of Ren Tongxiang’s performance, he designed an introduction showing the artistic conception of a hundred birds singing together to strengthen the musicality. He also expanded colorful phrases and used fast double spit performance skills to make the music more complete.

100 Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix -Painted By WANG LIU CHENG

100 Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix by Liu Ying

100 Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix by Liu Wenwen

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