Su Shi: A Royal Banquet on 15th of January ~ 苏轼 《上元侍宴》with English Translations

小编导读:《上元侍宴》是宋代词人苏轼所作的作品。整首作品充满了对皇权的崇拜,那时的臣子对他们的“主子”是心甘情愿的仰视,而且对自己能得到这次宴请感到无比荣幸。 诗中对皇帝的景仰是时代的产物。

苏轼 《上元侍宴》


A Royal Banquet on 15th of January
Su Shi

The Palace was surrounded by a pale moon and scattered stars,
Fairy winds blow down from the air over the scent burner.
All ministers and attendants stand there before the Hall,
As if rosy clouds support the throne of the Jade Emperor.

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