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Chinese Name: 北京

English Name: Beijing; Peking

Other Name: Beiping 北平; Yanjing 燕京

Abbreviation: Jing 京

Zip Code: 10 00 00

Population: 21.886 million

Beijing 北京
Beijing 北京

Brief Introduction

Beijing 北京 is the capital of the People’s Republic of China. It is a world-famous ancient capital and a modern international city.

Beijing is an ancient capital with a history of more than 3000 years. It has different titles in different dynasties. Roughly speaking, there are more than 20 names. Like Yandu燕都, Youzhou幽州, Jingcheng京城, Dadu大都, Peiping北平, Yanjing燕京, Jingshi京师, Jingzhao京兆…

Beijing Night 北京夜晚

Beijing is China’s Political Center, Cultural Center, International Exchange Center and Scientific and Technological Innovation Center. The city governs 16 districts with a total area of 16410.54 square kilometers. By the end of 2021, the permanent resident population of Beijing was 21.886 million.

Famous Attractions in Beijing

Beijing is the world’s largest city with world heritage and the first capital city in the world with world geopark. Beijing has more than 200 tourist attractions open to the outside world, including the world’s largest imperial palace, the Forbidden City紫禁城, the Temple of Heaven天坛, the Royal Garden Beihai Park北海公园, the Summer Palace颐和园 and the Old Summer Palace圆明园, as well as Badaling Great Wall八达岭长城, Mutianyu Great Wall慕田峪长城 and the world’s largest quadrangle palace, Prince Gong’s Residence恭王府. There are 7309 cultural relics and historic sites in Beijing, 99 National key cultural relics protection units, 326 municipal cultural relics protection units, 5 national geoparks and 15 national forest parks.

Beijing Tiantan 北京天坛
Beijing Tiantan 北京天坛

Beijing is the “Capital of Museums博物馆之都”, with 151 registered museums. The National Museum of China中国国家博物馆 is the largest museum in the world. The Palace Museum故宫博物院 is one of the five largest museums in the world.

List of Major tourist attractions in Beijing

  • The Palace Museum
  • the Great Wall
  • Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site
  • Temple of Heaven
  • The Summer Palace
  • Ming Dynasty Tombs
  • The grand canal
  • Beijing Fangshan World Geopark
  • Yanqing World Geopark, China
  • Badaling Great Wall
  • Ming Tombs
  • Shihua-Cave
  • Badachu
  • Prince Gong Palace
  • Guozijian Street
  • Yandaixie Street
  • Big Fence
  • Di’anmen inner street
  • The Grand Canal
  • Beijing Yunju Temple Pagoda
  • Sutra Cave
  • Beijing Ancient Observatory
  • Beihai Park
  • Lugou Bridge

Famous Universities in Beijing

In 2021, Beijing enrolled 139,000 graduate students, 413,000 graduate students and 104,000 graduates. Ordinary colleges and universities recruit 160,000 college students, 596,000 students and 147,000 graduates. The city has 26,000 adult college students, 94,000 students and 46,000 graduates.

Peking University
Peking University
Tsinghua University
Tsinghua University

List of universities and colleges in Beijing

English name Chinese name
Peking University 北京大学
Renmin University of China 中国人民大学
Tsinghua University 清华大学
Beijing Jiaotong University 北京交通大学
Beijing University of Technology 北京工业大学
Beihang University 北京航空航天大学
Beijing Institute of Technology 北京理工大学
University of Science and Technology Beijing 北京科技大学
Capital University of Economics and Business 首都经济贸易大学
North China University of Technology 北方工业大学
Beijing University of Chemical Technology 北京化工大学
Beijing Technology and Business University 北京工商大学
Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology 北京服装学院
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications 北京邮电大学
Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication [zh] 北京印刷学院
Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture 北京建筑大学
Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology 北京石油化工学院
Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute 北京电子科技学院
China Agricultural University 中国农业大学
Beijing University of Agriculture 北京农学院
Beijing Forestry University 北京林业大学
Peking Union Medical College 北京协和医学院
Capital Medical University 首都医科大学
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 北京中医药大学
Beijing Normal University 北京师范大学
Capital Normal University 首都师范大学
Capital University of Physical Education and Sports [zh] 首都体育学院
Beijing Foreign Studies University 北京外国语大学
Beijing International Studies University 北京第二外国语学院
Beijing Language and Culture University 北京语言大学
Communication University of China 中国传媒大学
Central University of Finance and Economics 中央财经大学
University of International Business and Economics 对外经济贸易大学
Beijing Materials University 北京物资学院
Capital University of Economics and Business 首都经济贸易大学
China Foreign Affairs University 外交学院
Chinese People’s Public Security University 中国人民公安大学
University of International Relations 国际关系学院
Beijing Sport University 北京体育大学
Central Conservatory of Music 中央音乐学院
China Conservatory of Music 中国音乐学院
Central Academy of Fine Arts 中央美术学院
Central Academy of Drama 中央戏剧学院
National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts 中国戏曲学院
Beijing Film Academy 北京电影学院
Beijing Dance Academy 北京舞蹈学院
Minzu University of China 中央民族大学
China University of Political Science and Law 中国政法大学
North China Electric Power University 华北电力大学
China Women’s University 中华女子学院
Beijing Information Science and Technology University 北京信息科技大学
China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) 中国矿业大学(北京)
China University of Petroleum (Beijing) 中国石油大学(北京)
China University of Geosciences (Beijing) 中国地质大学(北京)
Beijing Union University 北京联合大学
Beijing City University 北京城市学院
China Youth University for Political Sciences 中国青年政治学院
Shougang Institute of Technology [zh] 首钢工学院
China Institute of Industrial Relations 中国劳动关系学院
Beijing Geely University [zh] 北京吉利学院
Kede College, Capital Normal University 首都师范大学科德学院
Canvard College, Beijing Technology and Business University 北京工商大学嘉华学院
Century College, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications 北京邮电大学世纪学院
Gengdan Institute, Beijing University of Technology 北京工业大学耿丹学院
Beijing People’s Police College 北京警察学院
Beijing Hospitality Institute, Beijing International Studies University 北京第二外国语学院中瑞酒店管理学院
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 中国科学院大学
University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 中国社会科学院大学

Religious culture in Beijing

There are more than 500,000 religious believers in Beijing, accounting for about 4% of Beijing. There are more than 100 places for religious activities in Beijing.

The religions of belief are mainly Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity. Among them, Buddhism, Taoism and Islam have had a great impact on the history, culture and art of Beijing.

Tanzhe Temple 潭柘寺
Tanzhe Temple 潭柘寺

Main temple halls in Beijing


  • Tanzhe Temple
  • Yonghe Temple (Lamaism)
  • Guanghua Temple
  • Guangji Temple
  • Yunju Temple
  • Jietai Temple
  • Fayuan Temple
  • Baoguo Temple


  • Taoism
  • Baiyun temple (Quanzhen Road)
  • Dongyue Temple (Zhengyi Road)


  • Niujie Mosque
  • Dongzhimenwai Mosque
  • Dongsi Mosque


  • Xishiku church
  • Xuanwumen Church
  • Wangfujing Cathedral
  • Xizhimen Church
  • Dongjiaomin Lane Catholic Church
  • Catholic East Church
  • Catholic South Church


  • WenMen Hall
  • Beijing Christian Church gangwa City Hall
  • Shikoutang
  • Wide street Hall
  • Haidian Hall
  • Chongwenmen church of Beijing Christian Church
  • Nicholas Church (Eastern Orthodox Church)
Wenmen Hall 文门堂
Wenmen Hall 文门堂

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