Beyond – 午夜迷墙 ~ lyrics + English Translation

Artist: Beyond
Song: 午夜迷牆 (Ng5 Je6 Mai4 Coeng4) •Album: BEYOND IV


深宵的街中高声叫 一双手沾血
火般的高温烧滚我 方向不知道实太可怕

多少的艰辛都经过 不管多失意
心中都知道现已拉近 到午夜

留底了生命 来分胜负

面对黑色迷墙 像要将一切都变灰将一切都变恶梦
步向黑色迷墙 誓要将黑暗都炸开不许我心中叹惜

Puzzling Wall at Midnight

Screaming on street at midnight, with a set of bloodstained hands
High temperature is burning me like fire, it’s horrible I lost my direction
Till midnight

So many hardships I’ve tasted, no matter how frustrated I am
I don’t need you to hand me the truth
I’ve learnt all of this, now it approaches at midnight

Regardless of live, let’s duel

Face the puzzling black wall, which seems turning everything gray or into nightmare
Enter the puzzling black wall, I shall blow up the darkness and leave myself no sigh

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