Beyond – 曾是拥有 ~ lyrics + English Translation

Artist: Beyond
Song: 曾是擁有 (Cang4 Si6 Jung2 Jau5) •Album: BEYOND IV


无边的空虚涌上心间 只感到呆坐强忍泪流
从不懂收起心里的真 此刻我还是强装自然

曾在午夜沉醉 一切多么的美好

拥有命运 给我惊喜 不知道也添顾虑
忍痛话别但心里悲伤 只知道 曾是拥有

平分的恋火一刹消失 终止了情在两方蔓延
曾孤单的心一再孤单 这一切留代记忆失去

I Once Had

The feeling of endless emptiness fills up my heart, leads to me sitting while holding back my tears.
I never knew how hide the truth from my heart, though I pretend to look natural.

While drunk at late at night, everything seems so well.
I can’t help to be ashamed of my own deception.

Having hope, gives me happiness. However I still worry.
Holding back my pain while my heart is hurt, at least I know. I had it once.

Our mutual intensive love has disappeared, stopping the romance of both sides.
The only heart is once again alone, as the memories start to fade away.

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