Wang Wei: Blue Brook ~ 《青溪》 王维 with English Translations

小编导读:《青溪》是唐代诗人王维的五言古诗,被选入《全唐诗》的第125卷第52首。[1] 此诗描写了一条青溪的幽秀景色,诗人用多彩的画笔,绘出青溪流经不同地方时呈现的不同画面。其中“声喧乱石中,色静深松里”两句,以喧响的声音和幽冷的色调形成闹与静的强烈对比,如同一幅“有声画”。诗的末四句写出诗人心境的闲谈正如清川的闲淡,把自己的精神和自然的精神融和起来,意味隽永。

《青溪》 王维


Blue Brook

To view the Yellow-flower Stream, always
I follow the course of Blue Brook’s flow
Which curls through the hills in a myriad of ways
With barely thirty miles to go.
Sometime it roars’ mid a riot of stones,
But then calms down in the thick of pines.
The duckweeds dance, in easeful tones,
While the image of reeds in the limpid shines.
My mind has long been free from care.
This clear, leisured brook, O it’s just what I wish!
As well I might stay on that huge rock o’er there,
With tackle to fish as long as I wish.

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