Collected Better-known Sayings ~ 《名贤集》 with English Translations




Collected Better-known Sayings

What you should do only is good deeds, paying no attention to the future.

To help others is to help yourself.

If you are good at your contacts with other people, you’ll get respected by them some time later.

When a man is poor, his ambition is not far-reaching; when a horse is thin, his hair looks long.

People’s hearts are like iron, and official laws are like a furnace.

It’s a good thing for two persons to remonstrate with each other, and yet both suffer if they slander one another.

Praising others is the praiser’s blessing, and a man’s sinister designs on others will bring disasters to himself.

A virtuous family can enjoy long prosperity for generations.

An evil family will have endless disasters.

Don’t get angry about trifles, for the sun sets again before you know the time.

(To be continued.)

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