Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon彩云追月 – Chinese Songs

Drink a glass of wine and enjoy the moon with colorful auspicious clouds


Chinese Name: 彩云追月

English Name: Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon, Cai Yun Zhui Yue


“Colorful clouds chasing the moon” is a famous Guangdong folk music spread in the Qing Dynasty. It is a Cantonese music score. The implication of the music name is that the immortal drives the auspicious clouds to the Moon Palace. The music vividly depicts the moving scene of clouds and moonlight flowing through the smooth and graceful melody.


Story of “Colorful clouds chasing the moon”

“Colorful clouds chasing the moon” appeared in the Qing Dynasty. It is a famous Guangdong music score. Its style is light and unique. It describes the relaxed freehand brushwork of ordinary people’s life and highlights the typical Guangdong folk music style. When Li Hongzhang was governor of Guangdong and Guangdong, he copied it to Dani for performance.


In 935, Ren Guang and Nie Er adapted “colorful clouds chasing the moon” into a piece of national orchestral music. In 1960, Peng Xiuwen rearranged the orchestration according to the band of the central broadcasting national orchestra.

Ren Guang任光
Ren Guang任光
Nie Er聂耳

The moral of the song name “Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon” is that immortals ride colorful auspicious clouds to the Moon Palace. There are often descriptions of immortals driving colorful clouds in Chinese classical literary works. This song describes the Moon Palace fairyland in people’s minds and sets off the relaxed freehand brushwork of ordinary people’s life.

Cai Yun Zhui YUE

Yundi Li – Colourful Clouds Chasing the Moon

Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon | China National Traditional Orchestra

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