Cowherd’s Flute牧童短笛 – Chinese Songs

The first Chinese flower in piano playing history


Chinese Name: 牧童短笛

English Name: Cowherd’s Flute

Composer: He Lvting贺绿汀

Cowherd's Flute牧童短笛
Cowherd’s Flute牧童短笛

“Cowherd’s Flute” is a piano song written by Mr. He Luting in 1934. It is the first piano music with distinctive and mature Chinese style in the music industry, depicting the Chinese pastoral music style completely different from the western style.

Cowherd’s Flute By Langlang

Composition Story Of Cowherd’s Flute

He Luting was admitted to Shanghai National Conservatory of music in 1931, majoring in piano and acoustics. At this time, he lived in poverty. He was crowded with his wife Jiang Ruizhi in the small pavilion of a tailor’s shop. It was cold in winter and hot in summer. He even faced the possibility of dropping out of school and sleeping on the street at any time. The conditions were extremely difficult. However, He Luting was not knocked down by these material difficulties, but while studying, working and creating.


On the evening of November 27, 1934, the seventh anniversary concert of Shanghai National Conservatory of music and the award ceremony of Chinese style works competition were jointly held in the auditorium of Xinya Hotel, Sichuan North Road, Shanghai.


When Mr. zilpin announced that the first winner of the competition was He Luting, the creator of Cowherd’s Flute, a young man stood up from the back seat and stepped onto the stage excitedly. He took the prize and certificate from zilpin, walked slowly to the piano and played this extraordinary shepherd boy Piccolo in the history of modern Chinese music, Chinese music was known to the world for the first time.


Cowherd’s Flute is the representative of the perfect combination of Chinese traditional polyphonic music theory and Western Music Theory – it adopts the combination of branch Polyphony in Chinese traditional polyphonic music and comparative Polyphony in western music, and perfectly combines the pronunciation characteristics of Chinese traditional musical instrument bamboo flute with piano in Chinese traditional pentatonic mode (western is twelve average law).


The music sounded, and the shepherd boy playing Piccolo on the path, paddy field and cow’s back jumped into sight…


The Cowherd’s Flute 牧童短笛 By Langlang

Yuja Wang plays The Cowherd’s Flute.

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