Du Fu: On a Spring Day Thinking of Li Bai ~ 《春日忆李白》 杜甫 with English Translations


《春日忆李白》 杜甫


On a Spring Day Thinking of Li Bai
Du Fu

Li Bai—poems unrivaled,
thought soaring airborne, never banal:
the freshness, newness of Yu the Commander,
the rare excellence of Adjutant Bao.(1)
Here by the northern Wei, springtime trees;
east of the Yangzi, clouds at the close of day—
when will we share a cask of wine,
once more debate the subtleties of the written word?

1. Yu Xin (513–581), who held the title of Commander Unequaled in Honor, and Bao Zhao (414–466),who held a military post late in life, were two of the most distinguished poets of the period preceding the Tang.

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