Du Fu Poems: Thinking of Li Bai from the End of the Earth – 杜甫《天末怀李白》















Thinking of Li Bai from the End of the Earth

An autumn wind rises from the end of the sky.

What do you think of it in your mind and your eye?

When will the wild geese bring your happy news to me?

Could autumn fill the lake and the river with glee?

Good fortune never favors those who can well write;

Demons will ever do wrong to those who know what’s right.

Would you confide to the poet wronged long ago

Your verse which might comfort his soul in weal and woe?

Li Bai (701-762) was one of the greatest poets of the Tang Dynasty.



The poem “Thinking of Li Bai from the End of the Earth” is a poem written by Du Fu, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, about his longing for Li Bai. The poem is inspired by the cool breeze and the longing for the scene, envisioning Li Bai passing from the Yangtze River to the Dongting Lake during his exile in late autumn, expressing the author’s deep concern, nostalgia and sympathy for Li Bai, and his indignation over his tragic encounter. The poem is a lyrical masterpiece that has been widely recited throughout the ages, with its sincere and heartfelt emotions and melancholic style.


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