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Chinese Name: 海口

English Name: Haikou;Hoihow

Other Name: 椰城 Yecheng

Abbreviation: 海 Hai

Zip Code: 57 00 00

Population: 4.708 million

Haikou 海口
Haikou 海口

Brief Introduction

Haikou 海口, the prefecture-level city and provincial capital of Hainan Province, is the strategic fulcrum city of the National “One Belt and One Road” 一带一路initiative, the core city of Hainan Free Trade Port, and the political, economic, technological, and cultural center of Hainan Province

Haikou is located in the north of Hainan Island, adjacent to Wenchang in the east, Chengmai in the west, Ding ‘an in the south, and Qiongzhou Strait in the north. Haikou is a tropical coastal city with beautiful natural scenery. It has a history of thousands of years since it was opened in the Northern Song Dynasty. Haikou consists of Hainan Island and Haidian Island海甸岛 and Xinbu Island新埠岛, with a total area of 3,126.83 square kilometers, of which 2,284.49 square kilometers are on land and 861.44 square kilometers are on the sea. Haikou has been selected by the World Health Organization as China’s first “World Health City” 世界健康城市pilot site.

By 2020, the city has four districts under its jurisdiction. By the end of 2021, the permanent population of 2.908 million, and the GDP of Haikou reached 205.706 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Haikou

Haikou is a national historical and cultural city. Haikou city has an ancient military site built in the Hongwu period — the Fucheng Drum Tower of the Ming Dynasty 明代 Hainan Garrison. In addition, Haikou Qialou Old Street won the title of one of the first ten “Famous Streets of Chinese History and Culture”中国历史文化名街 for its century-old vicissitudes, architectural style, and historical culture with Chinese and Western characteristics.

Haikou arcade street 海口骑楼老街
Haikou arcade street 海口骑楼老街

Some special scenic spots in Haikou

  • Haikou arcade street 海口骑楼老街
  • Haikou Crater National Geological Park 海口火山口国家地质公园
  • Hainan Provincial Museum 海南省博物馆
  • Haikou Mission Hills Culture, Sports and Tourism Zone 海口观澜湖文体旅游区
  • Changying World 100 Fantasy Park 长影环球100奇幻乐园
  • Holiday beach tourist area 假日海滩旅游区
  • Tropical ocean world 热带海洋世界
  • Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park 海南热带野生动植物园
  • Wugong Temple 五公祠
  • Qiongzhou Culture street 琼州文化风情街

Famous Universities in Haikou

In 2021, Haikou will have 12 regular higher education schools, 1 adult college, 25 secondary vocational schools, 103 regular middle schools, 143 regular primary schools, 546 kindergartens, and 5 special education schools.

Hainan university 海南大学
Hainan university 海南大学

List of universities and colleges in Haikou

  • Hainan university 海南大学
  • Hainan Normal University 海南师范大学
  • Hainan Medical College 海南医学院
  • Qiongtai Teachers College 琼台师范学院
  • The Haikou University of Economics 海口经济学院
  • Hainan Vocational University of Science and Technology 海南科技职业大学
  • Hainan Vocational and Technical College 海南职业技术学院
  • Hainan Vocational College of Politics and Law 海南政法职业学院
  • Hainan Vocational And Technical College of Economy and Trade 海南经贸职业技术学院
  • Hainan Sports Vocational and Technical College 海南体育职业技术学院
  • Hainan Vocational College of Industry and Commerce 海南工商职业学院
  • Hainan Health Management Vocational technical College 海南健康管理职业技术学院

Diet of Haikou

Haikou cuisine is full of Hainan flavor. It has four famous Hainan dishes including Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji duck, East goat, and Helle crab, and snacks with Hainan characteristics. It has the connotation of Hainan cuisine culture, such as rich materials, fresh, original, and diverse.

Wenchang chicken文昌鸡
Wenchang chicken文昌鸡

Some specialty snacks in Haikou

  • Wenchang chicken文昌鸡
  • Jiaji duck 嘉积鸭
  • Eastern Goat 东山羊
  • Harmony crab 和乐蟹
  • Hainan refreshes the cool 海南清补凉
  • Baoluo powder 抱罗粉
  • Hainan powder 海南粉
  • Dad tea 老爸茶
  • Hainan coconut eight-treasure rice 海南椰子八宝饭
  • Dregs of vinegar 糟粕醋

Haikou Transportation

Port: Haikou Port 海口港 is located in Haikou City, and is engaged in port loading and unloading, storage, water passenger and cargo transport, container transport, external cargo handling, ship repair, commercial trade, tourism, real estate development, property management, and other diversified comprehensive economic entity. Nangang 南港 is located in Haikou Xiuying District suburb Haikou Railway station along Binhai West Road, Nangang mainly opened Haikou Nangang to Haian North Port Guangdong railway passenger rolling ship.

Aviation: Haikou Meilan International Airport 海口美兰国际机场is located in Lingshan Town, Meilan District. Meilan Airport is China’s domestic main airport, a five-star airport, that covers an area of 583 hectares, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 4E class flight area built, can meet the takeoff and landing requirements of Boeing 747-400, and other large aircraft.

Aerial China: Haikou, Hainan

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