Han Yu: Inscription on the Tomb Tablet of My Wet-Nurse ~ with English Translations


《乳母墓铭》 韩愈


Inscription on the Tomb Tablet of My Wet-Nurse
Han Yu

My wet-nurse, whose family name was Li and given name Cheng-chen, was from Hsuchow. She joined the Han family to nurse me, its son. Unfortunately I was bereaved of my parents before I had reached even my second birthday. She took pity on me and stayed on to take even greater care of me, eventually remaining with the Han family until her old age.
She lived to see the baby nursed by her obtain his chin-shih degree, become an assistant in the military headquarters of Pienchow and Hsuchow, enter Court as Censor, Doctor of the Imperial University and Yuan-wai-lang of the Ministry of Justice, and serve as Magistrate of Honan. She also lived to see me get married and bring forth two sons and five daughters. In celebration of the festivals of the season, I would bring along my wife and children to pay her respects on our knees and to offer her our toasts.
She lived to the age of sixty-four and died from sickness on the 18th of the 3rd month of the 6th year of Yuan-ho. Three days after her death she was buried fifteen li north of Honan Hsien. I took my wife and children to attend the burial. I had this inscription engraved on stone and deposited in the tomb.

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