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Chinese Name: 菏泽

English Name: Heze

Other Name: Caozhou 曹州 ; Tao陶

Abbreviation: He 菏

Zip Code: 274000

Population:8.6226 million

Heze 菏泽
Heze 菏泽

Brief Introduction

Heze 菏泽 is a prefectural city in Shandong province and one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation. Historically, Heze was the key point of transportation to the Central Plains, enjoying the reputation of “under heaven”. Heze, Leize, Dayeze, and Mengzhuze of the nine famous cities in Yugong are all within the territory.

Heze is located in the southwest of Shandong Province, the junction of Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, and Anhui provinces. It is adjacent to Jining city in the east, Xuzhou city of Jiangsu province and the Suzhou City of Anhui Province in the southeast, Shangqiu City of Henan Province in the south, Kaifeng city and Xinxiang City of Henan Province in the west, and the Puyang City of Henan Province in the north. Heze is the hometown of Peony in China. It has cultivated peonies for more than 400 years. It is the production base, scientific research base, export base, and ornamental base of the peony with the largest planting area and the most varieties in the world.

Heze has 2 municipal districts and 7 counties under its jurisdiction. The total area is 12,239 square kilometers; By the end of 2021, Heze had a total resident population of 8,732,400. In 2021, The gross regional product (GDP) of Heze city will reach 397.667 billion yuan

Famous Attractions in Heze

Xiaogan city has a number of levels of scenic spots, including Shuang Feng Mountain, Tangchi hot spring, Tianzi Lake, and Guanyin Lake four tourist resorts were rated as national 4A scenic spots, and other scenic spots such as Bai Zhaoshan, Diaocha lake, Xuanhua shop, Xiannushan, and other ten scenic spots are also very famous.

Shuihu good Seoul 水浒好汉城
Shuihu good Seoul 水浒好汉城

Some special scenic spots in Heze

  • The Caozhou Peony Garden 曹州牡丹园
  • Chaozhou Hundred Garden 曹州百花园
  • Ancient and modern garden 古今园
  • Hebei, Shandong, and Henan Frontier Revolutionary Memorial Hall 冀鲁豫边区革命纪念馆
  • Zhao Wanghe Park 赵王河公园
  • Shan County Hundred lion Square 单县百狮坊
  • Shanxian Baishufang 单县百寿坊
  • Shuihu good Seoul 水浒好汉城
  • Sun Bin Tourism City 孙膑旅游城
  • Imitation mountain tourism area 仿山旅游区
  • Dongshan Temple Scenic spot 东山禅寺景区
  • Dongming Yellow River Forest Park 东明黄河森林公园
  • Wulong Lake Tourist resort 浮龙湖旅游度假区

Famous Universities in Heze

By the end of 2021, heze had 4 colleges and universities with 78,200 students, an increase of 9,900 over the previous year. 41 secondary vocational schools, an increase of 3, with 75,600 students, an increase of 8,700; 69 regular senior middle schools, an increase of 6, with 186,600 students, an increase of 19,300; There are 376 regular junior middle schools, an increase of 12, with 497,500 students, an increase of 34,000.

Heze University 菏泽学院
Heze University 菏泽学院

List of universities and colleges in Heze

  • Heze University 菏泽学院
  • Heze Campus of the Qilu University of Technology 齐鲁工业大学菏泽校区
  • Heze Medical College 菏泽医学高等专科学校
  • Heze Vocational College 菏泽职业学院
  • Heze Homemaking Vocational College 菏泽家政职业学院

Diet of Heze

Heze food custom for a long time, with much unique food. The food style basically follows the traditional taste of Shandong cuisine, which is rich in taste and bright in color.

Tsaochow peony 曹州牡丹
Tsaochow peony 曹州牡丹

Some specialty snacks in Heze

  • Tsaochow peony 曹州牡丹
  • Tsaochow papaya 曹州木瓜
  • Cao Zhou Geng cake 曹州耿饼
  • Chen set yam 陈集山药
  • Lu southwest cattle 鲁西南黄牛
  • The green goat 青山羊
  • Fresh asparagus 曹县芦笋
  • Dongming watermelon 东明西瓜
  • Cheng Wu garlic 成武大蒜
  • Shanxian Luohan ginseng 单县罗汉参
  • The peony seed oil 牡丹籽油
  • Cao Zhou mirror persimmon 曹州镜面柿
  • Sand melon seeds 沙土瓜子

Heze Transportation

Waterway: The Beijing-Hangzhou Canal Zhu Shui River channel in Heze city has been navigable, and the daily throughput of Qilin operation area in the Juye Port area exceeds 10,000 tons. In addition, Heze built 11 floating Bridges on the Yellow River to facilitate people’s production and life.

Aviation: Heze Mudan Airport has realized navigation. A total of 7 airlines operate 17 routes in Heze Airport, serving a total of 26 cities such as Urumqi, Dalian, Shenzhen, Meizhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Lanzhou.

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