Huangfu Ran: Spring Thoughts ~ 皇甫冉·《春思》 with English Translations







Spring Thoughts

Huangfu Ran

With merry songs the orioles and swallows announce New Year,

Yet how many thousand miles away do border towns lie?

I live in the towered city near the royal palace,

My heart now chases the silver moon to the foremen’s sky.

At the lonely loom I weave into silken fabrics endless woes,

And the spray in the boudoir smiles at me in solitary bed lying.

Oh General Doutao1, thou commander of most valiant men,

When wilt thou return with banners proudly flying?

1. General Doutao: He was once governor of Qin prefecture of the Jin dynasty and was afterwards exiled to Liusha. His wife Su Hui wrote a poem to show her thoughts of him and wove it into the silken fabrics to be sent to her distant husband.

(王僴中 译)

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