Jia Dao Poem: The Last Day of Late Spring – 贾岛《三月晦日赠刘评事》

Jia Dao – 贾岛









[1] 晦日:农历每月的最后一天。

[2] 贾岛:字浪仙,唐代诗人,与韩愈推敲诗句“僧敲月下门”而闻名于世。《千家诗》注说:“三月三十,春已尽矣。而我苦吟之身,忍见春花别我去乎?春虽无计可留,然当此之时,惟宜苦吟痛饮以送青春,不须睡卧。晓钟未发,明朝之夏未来,犹然今日之残春也。”诗人独出心裁,用通俗的语言,写出了惜春留春的苦心。

[3] 风光:春光。

[4] 苦吟身:作者的自称。

[5] 君:指春天。

[6] 晓钟:拂晓的晨钟。

The Last Day of Late Spring

Jia Dao

It is just the last day of the third moon today;

In vain I croon to stop spring from passing away.

How can I sleep tonight before l bid it farewell?

It is still springtime before I hear morning bell.

Jia Dao – 贾岛


The poem “The Last Day of Late Spring” is a poem written by Jia Island, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. This poem depicts the poet’s love and cherish for spring. The first two lines of the poem show that spring is over and the poet cannot bear to send it away; the last two lines of the poem reflect the poet’s love for spring and his reluctance to let go of spring, and illustrate that spring is very rare for poets who are struggling to sing. The language of the poem is simple, clear and natural, and the poet’s sentiment is high and optimistic, which is particularly striking among the many Tang poems on cherishing spring, and shows the poet’s excellent skill in phrasing.

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