Lamian 拉面 – Chinese Food


Chinese Name: 拉面

English Name: Lamian; Ramen; Stretching Noodles

Category: Staple主食

Main Ingredients: Flour


Lamian拉面 is a traditional pasta with a unique local flavor in China’s urban and rural areas. According to folk legend, because Shandong Fushan stretched noodles抻面 are more famous, there is a saying that Ramen originated from Fushan. Later, it evolved into a variety of famous delicacies, such as Henan ramen河南拉面, Lanzhou beef noodles兰州牛肉面, Longxumian龙须面, and so on.

Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef
Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef

Nowadays, Lanzhou beef noodles are more famous. Lanzhou beef noodles began in the Jiaqing嘉庆 period of the Qing Dynasty清朝. Ma Liuqi马六七 brought it into Lanzhou from Chen Weijing陈维精 and Chu Xuecheng处学成, Qinghua people in Huaiqing Prefecture, Henan Province. After later generations, Chen Hesheng陈和声 and Ma baozi马宝子 unified the standard of Lanzhou beef noodles with “one clear一清 (soup汤), two white二白 (radish萝卜), three red三红 (spicy辣子), four green四绿 (coriander garlic seedling香菜蒜苗) and five yellow五黄 (noodles yellow and bright面条黄亮)”.

Dry mixed Ramen
Dry mixed Ramen

Lanzhou beef noodles have become the first choice for Lanzhou people for breakfast because of the deep-rooted eating habits and cultural traditions of Lanzhou citizens. Especially eating beef noodles in winter is very suitable for the ecological environment and climatic conditions of Lanzhou. It carries the unique cultural gene of the city. In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of beef ramen, the most important secret is the pure and fragrant soup. It can even be said that the soup is the soul of Lanzhou beef noodles.

Attractive Ramen
Attractive Ramen

The preparation method of soup has been recorded in Qi Min Yao Shu齐民要术 as early as now. After long-term practice, people use beef and fat chicken as the main ingredients and use more than 30 kinds of spices and traditional Chinese medicine to prepare the old soup. After boiling and slightly boiling, the main ingredients are dissolved in the soup. In this process, it has to go through “Qingqiao清俏” twice, so the finished product of the soup is clear to the bottom, and the taste is extremely delicious.

The cook is making ramen
The cook is making ramen

When stretching noodles, the Ramen masters are also different from the usual simple stretching. They will integrate all kinds of dance movements in the process of stretching noodles, such as the wild dance of the silver snake. After thinning, it will be like a raging wave under the shaking of the master, which is amazing.

In 1999, Lanzhou beef noodles were identified as one of the three pilot varieties of Chinese fast food by the state, known as “the first noodles in China”.

How to make Lamian?


  • Proper yak meat
  • A little cow bone
  • A little beef liver
  • A little fat chicken
  • A little green radish
  • A little clear oil
  • A little scallion
  • A little salt
  • Little shelley
  • A little garlic
  • A little chili oil
Lanzhou beef noodles
Lanzhou beef noodles


  • Step 1, Wash the beef and bones with clean water, then soak them in water for four hours (blood water is left for another use), put the beef and bones into a warm water pot, and skim off the foam when the water is about to boil.
  • Step 2, The seasoning bag made of gauze(200g salt, 25g grass fruit, 25g ginger peel and 10g pepper) is washed with water to remove the dust and then put into the pot and stewed over low heat for five hours.
  • Step 3, Cut the beef into 1 mm slices.
  • Step 4, Cut the beef liver into small pieces and cook it in another pot.
  • Step 5, Stir fry cinnamon seeds, pepper, grass fruit and ginger peel over low heat, dry and grind them into powder, wash the radish and cut it into pieces. Then cut the garlic sprouts and scallions into small pieces, and cut the basil into small pieces for later use.
  • Step 6, Skim the oil slick of the broth, pour the blood water of the soaked meat into the boiling broth pot, skim the foam after the soup is boiled, and add various seasoning powders.
  • Step 7, Pour a little water into the clear beef liver soup, remove the foam after boiling, and then add salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate, cooked radish slices and a skimmed oil slick.
  • Step 8, Take 30kg flour and add 18kg water to knead evenly. Wipe the oil on the panel, rub the surface into strips, pull them into strips weighing five or two, and cover them with a wet strip cloth.
  • Step 9, According to everyone’s hobbies, pull the noodles into large and wide, leek leaves, two thin and other shapes and put them into the pot.
  • Step 10, When the noodles are cooked, put the noodles into a bowl, and pour an appropriate amount of beef soup, radish, diced meat and oil slick on the noodles. Add an appropriate amount of onion oil and garlic according to the taste of each person.
Two flavors of Ramen
Two flavors of Ramen

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