Li Bai: Ascending Taibai Peak ~ 李白·《登太白峰》 with English Translations








Ascending Taibai Peak

Li Bai

Ascending Taibai Peak from the west,

I reach the summit in the sunset.

The morning star speaks to me,

Opening the gate of Heaven.

I wish to go with the wind,

Emerge from the floating clouds,

Raise my hand to touch the moon

And travel over all the mountains.

Once I have left Wugong,

When shall I return again?

(杨宪益、戴乃迭 译)

Ascending the Snow-White Peak1

Li Bai

Ascending from the west the Peak Snow-White,

Not till the sun goes down I reach its height.

The snow-white Mourning Star tells me to wait

Until he opens the Celestial Gate.

I wish to ride cold wind and floating cloud

To touch the moon and dwarf all mountains proud.

But once I left behind the Western land,

Could I return to the summit where I stand?

1. Or the Great White Mountain in Shanxi Province.

(许渊冲 译)

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