Li Bai: Descending Zhongnan Mountain and Meeting Si the Hermit ~ 李白·《下终南山过斛斯山人宿置酒》 with English Translations










Descending Zhongnan Mountain and Meeting Si the Hermit

Li Bai

At dusk I leave the hills behind,

The moon escorts me all the way.

Looking back, I see the path wind

Across the woods so green and gray.

We come to your cot hand in hand,

Your lad opens the gate for me.

Bamboos along the alley stand

And vines caress my cloak with glee.

I’m glad to talk and drink good wine

Together with my hermit friend.

We sing the songs of wind and pine,

And stars are set when singings end.

I’m drunk and you’re merry and glad:

We both forget the world is sad.

(杨宪益、戴乃迭 译)

Descending from Chungnan Mountain

Li Pai

At evening I descended from

Chungnan Mountain, and it was

as if the moon accompanied me;

I looked around and up at the track

I had come from, seeing just

a line of green away up there;

friends accompanied me home

and at the gate a youngster opened

our picket gate; through it

we went on a winding path hung over

with wisteria that brushed me

as I passed, and I said how good

a place I had found to rest

sending for some fine wine to drink

with the others, the sound of our

reading poems mixing with the breeze

that wafted through pines; then

when we finished singing, we looked

at the stars, seeing how they were

fading out; I a little drunk, but

the others full of joy, keeping on

with their singing, all of us happy

forgetting every bitter thing.

(Rewi Alley 译)

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