Li Pai: Ballad of the Ching Rivers ~ 李白·《清溪行》 with English Translations







Ballad of the Ching Rivers(Rewi Alley 译)

Li Pai

These rives so clear that they

cleanse my heart to stare into

them, so different are they from

other river waters; I asked this

Hsinan River why it was so clean?

If you see a man walking on its

banks, in the distance it seems

that he is crossing a gleaming

mirror; if a bird flies over, it

is as if it is above some brilliant

painted screen; but yet at evening

cranes call, voicing the melancholy

of travelers.

Song of the Clear Stream(许渊冲 译)

Li Bai

The Clear Stream clears my heart;

Its water flows apart.

I ask the River New,

“Why transparent are you?”

On mirror bright boats hie;

Between the screens birds fly.

At dusk the monkeys cry;

In vain the wayfarers sigh.

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