Li Pai: Climbing Hsinping Tower ~ 李白·《登新平楼》 with English Translations







Climbing Hsinping Tower(Rewi Alley 译)

Li Pai

Leaving my native place, I came

and climbed the old tower here

at the end of autumn, thinking

of home; now it seems that

the day is long, and sunset far

away; looking down I see waves

that make me feel cold, and clouds

as if rising from the tips of trees;

then the smoke from the tents

of tribesmen rising over the waste;

standing here it as if I can see

ten thousand miles, yet sill

wondering where is my home.

Ascending Xinping Tower(许渊冲 译)

Li Bai

Leaving the capital, I climb this tower.

Can I return home like late autumn flower?

The sky is vast, the setting sun is far;

The water clear, the waves much colder are.

Clouds rise above the western-mountain trees;

O’er river dunes fly south-going wild geese,

The boundless land outspread ‘neath gloomy skies.

How gloomy I feel while I stretch my eyes!

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