Li Qunyu: Huangling Temple ~ 《黄陵庙》 李群玉 with English Translations


《黄陵庙》 李群玉


Huangling Temple 1
The First of Two Poems
Li Qunyu
North of the Isle of Maidens, by the mist-filled banks,
The image of the two girls weeping still holds true to life.
In the spring stillness, the rustic temple faces the river;
Teeming grasses grow among the ancient tablets, their inscriptions long effaced.
At twilight, the fragrance laden breeze begins to blow;
As the moon sets, from the mountain depths a cuckoo cries.
The maidens seem to knit their brows to view his majesty’s arrival,
While across the Xiang2, the Nine Peaked Mount3 grows greener still.
1. Huangling Temple: On Mt. Huangling, in Hunan province, near Dongting Lake. The temple was dedicated to E Huang and Nu Ying—the “river maidesn who weep in bamboo groves” whose forms were suggested by a nearby rock formation.
2. Xiang: Xiang River, originating in Hunan province.
3. Nine Peeked Mount: Where the legendary emperor Shun was buried.

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