Lu You: For Fan Chengda ~ 《双头莲·华鬓星星》 陆游 with English Translations


《双头莲·华鬓星星》 陆游



Double Lotus
For Fan Chengda

Lu You

My forehead dotted with sparks white,
I start to find my ambition hard to fulfill,
My life as parasite.
Like a steed drear and ill,
Swallowing up my pride of bygone years, I sigh
To find my native land only in dreams,
Severed by mountains and misty streams.
I’ m far away,
Few friends still stay.
Who can remember the prime of our day gone by?

Though flourishing is the Silk Town,
I have few things to do early or late,
But sleep within closed gate.
I can but drink to drown
My grief, for now in whom can I confide?
Though there’ s east-going boat on boat,
When can my ship begin to float?
I long in vain
For fish and food of native land by riverside,
For the west wind rises again.

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