Lu You: Immortal at the Magpie Bridge ~ 《鹊桥仙·夜闻杜鹃》 陆游 with English Translations


《鹊桥仙·夜闻杜鹃》 陆游


Immortal at the Magpie Bridge
Lu You

Under the thatched eaves all’s still at night;
By the straw window flickers candlelight,
While wind and rain o’erspread the river in late spring.
Nor orioles nor swallows in their nests will sing,
But I hear the cuckoos’ cry
Oft rend the moonlit sky.

Urging clear tears to stream
And startling me from lonely dream.
Away to deep-hidden branch they fly.
Even in native hills I could not stand their song,
Let alone after half my life drifting along.

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