(Lv Shi Chun Qiu): Marking the Boat to Locate the Sword ~ 《吕氏春秋》 with English Translations

译文:楚国有个渡江的人,他的剑从船里掉到水中,他立即在船边上刻了个记号,说:“这儿是我的剑掉下去的地方。”船停了,(这个楚国人)从他刻记号的地方下水寻找剑。 船已经前进了,但是剑不会随船前进,像这样找剑,不是很糊涂吗?一般比喻死守教条,拘泥成法,固执不变通的人。多含贬义。



Marking the Boat to Locate the Sword
A man of the state of Chu was ferrying across a river when his sword fell into the water. He lost no time in marking the side of the boat.
“This is where my sword dropped,” he said.
When the boat morred, he got into the water to look for his sword by the place which he had marked. But since the boat had moved while the sword had not, this method of locating his sword proved unsuccessful.
The Discourses of Lü Buwei
(Lv Shi Chun Qiu)

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