Du Fu Poems: On the Frontier  (VII) – 杜甫《秦州杂诗  (二十首其七)》














On the Frontier

Mountain on mountain towers far and near,

A lonely town garrisons the frontier.

Even without wind, cloud will sail the sky;

The moon on townwalls sheds twilight on high.

How could all the peace talks be held so late?

When could we conquer the barbarous state?

Gazing on the war flames far, far away,

My face would lose color at the decay.



“On the Frontier” is a group of poems by Du Fu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poems are written from the author’s westward journey to Qinzhou (now Tianshui, Gansu) to the end of his intention to leave Qinzhou. The twenty poems either remember the scenery of Qinzhou, or describe his travels and feelings, or write about the affairs of the frontier, or describe the misery of living in the country, or send out a melancholy argument, reflecting the scenery of the mountains, rivers and cities of Qinzhou and the turbulent life of the time, and expressing the author’s melancholy and lonely feelings of sadness and chaos, rich in distinctive period and The poem is full of distinctive period and regional colors. The poem is full of variations, and the language is precise and accurate, with high artistic value.

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