Ouyang Xiu: Butterflies in Love with Flowers ~ 《蝶恋花·庭院深深深几许》 欧阳修 with English Translations


《蝶恋花·庭院深深深几许》 欧阳修


Butterflies in Love with Flowers
Ouyang Xiu

Deep, deep the courtyard where he is, so deep
It’s veiled by smokelike willows heap on heap,
By curtain on curtain and screen on screen.
Leaving his saddle and bridle, there he has been
Merry-making. From my tower his trace can’t be seen.

The third moon now, the wind and rain are raging late;
At dusk I bar the gate,
But I can’t bar in spring.
My tearful eyes ask flowers, but they fail to bring
An answer, I see red blooms over the swing.

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