Jia Dao Poem: A Note Left for an Absent Recluse – 贾岛《寻隐者不遇》

Jia Dao – 贾岛









[1] 《千家诗》注说:“访友不遇,自为问答之辞也。言我访隐者,值其他出,因步至松下而问其童子焉。童子言我师出门采药。问其何处,言只此山白云深处而不知其所在也。则幽人高隐之意,自在其中矣。”这首诗可以当作诗人访隐士不遇的留言,通过一问一答,其实是有答无问,写景就是写人,从深山白云中,可以看出隐士的清高。

[2] 师:师父。

[3] 处:行踪。

A Note Left for an Absent Recluse

Jia Dao

I ask your lad beneath pine tree.

“My master’s gone for herbs, ”says he,

“Amid the hills I know not where,

For clouds have veiled them here and there. ”

Jia Dao – 贾岛


The poem ” A Note Left for an Absent Recluse” is a work by Jia Island, a poet and monk of the Tang Dynasty. The first line of the poem is about the seeker asking the boy, and the last three lines are the boy’s reply. The poet adopts the technique of asking and answering to depict the anxiety of the unsuccessful seeker to the fullest. The poem uses white clouds to compare with the nobility of the hermit and pines to describe the bones of the hermit. The poem is a rare work of simple words and rich meaning.

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