Gao Pian Poem: A Pavilion in the Mountain on a Summer Day – 高骈《山亭夏日》








[1] 高骈:做过唐朝的淮南节度使。《千家诗》注说:“绿树当夏之时而浓阴稠密,楼台倒影于池塘。光莹如水晶之帘,荡漾不定,知是微风起矣。回首院中,蔷薇满架,香风袭袭,馨馥满庭,岂非夏日清和之淑景乎?”这是一幅夏日风景画,有光有影,有香有味,可见古人善于享受自然之美。

[2] 水晶帘:水晶一般晶莹明亮的帘子。

[3] 蔷薇:花名,夏季开放,颜色有多种。

A Pavilion in the Mountain on a Summer Day

Gao Pian

The summer day’s as long as the green shade’s cool;

The pavilion casts its shadow into the pool.

The gentle breeze ripples the water crystal-clear;

The trellis of roses spreads fragrance far and near.


“A Pavilion in the Mountain on a Summer Day” is a poem written by Gao Pian, a general at the end of the Tang Dynasty. This poem is about the summer scenery of the pavilion. It depicts the green trees, the reflections of the buildings, the pond and the roses on the shelves, forming a picture with bright colors and a clear mood. The poem is characterized by a variety of writing styles. The poet captures the movement of the curtain and the fragrance of flowers after the breeze, which are imperceptible details, and depicts the leisure and tranquility of the mountain pavilion in summer in a subtle way, expressing the author’s love and praise for the summer countryside.

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