Poem: Cold Fountain Pavilion – 林稹《冷泉亭》








[1] 林稹:宋代诗人。《千家诗》注说:“泓,水清深貌;沁,饮水而凉润于心也。言水之清可饮,以沁涤吾诗人之脾胃也。其泉在深山之处,年去年来,或冷或暖,只自知之耳。其水流出西湖而载歌舞之船,浊而不清,无复昔日在山之洁矣。此喻人生之初其性本善,从及其富贵熏心,物欲陷溺,则不如初性之清明也。”这还是一首象征诗,说清泉出山会变浊,表明人入社会也会受到污染。

[2] 泓:泉水深邃的样子。

[3] 沁:渗入。

[4] 载歌舞:承载游船。

[5] 回头:掉头回到原处。

Cold Fountain Pavilion

Lin Zhen

The deep clear fountain refreshes poets for long;

It knows from year to year when it is warm or cool.

When it flows to West Lake to hear the dance and song;

Turning back, it seems not so fresh as in the pool.


“Cold Fountain Pavilion” is a seven-line poem written by Lin Zhen (zhěn), a poet of the Song Dynasty. The poem can be called a masterpiece of scenery writing, depicting the beautiful and beautiful scenery around the Lengquan Pavilion in West Lake. It begins with a description of the exquisite surroundings, which are shown one by one, as if scanned by a lens. The last three lines are about the Lengquan Pavilion, which is located at the Feilai Peak, and describe its beauty and attraction to people with people asking about it, which is very interesting.

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