Yang Jiong Poem: Farewell at Night– 杨炯《夜送赵纵》








[1] 杨炯:初唐四杰之一。《千家诗》注说:“此送友诗。言赵子赵人,其才如赵王连城之璧,天下闻之久矣。吾送子于明月之下,还归赵州本国之故府,而皎然明月照满前川之上,犹得与故人共之也。”赵纵要回故乡赵州,杨炯为他送行,把他比作价值连城的赵氏璧,和光照前川的明月,虽可能是客套话,但可看出诗人的价值观。

[2] 连城璧:价值等于好几座城市的珍贵玉石。璧,中间有孔的扁圆型玉石。

[3] 传:闻名。

[4] 旧府:故乡的居所。

Farewell at Night

Yang Jiong

You are a talent of renown,

Your fame wide spread like bright moonbeams.

I see you off to your home town;

You shine with the moon on all streams.


The poem “Farewell at Night” is a five-line poem written by Yang Jiong, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. It is a poem of farewell. At the beginning of the poem, the poet compares Zhao Zhong with Lian Cheng Bi, using the beautiful jade to compare with a person, which concretizes Zhao Zhong’s style and talent. Only in the second two lines does the poem talk about sending Zhao Zhong back to his old house from the wall to the person, a double entendre, as the person who sent him back to his old house is also the wall, but the person is hidden inside. The concluding lines depict the scene of seeing off Zhao Zong along the river in the moonlight night, which is full of the poet’s deep friendship to his dear friend, pointing out the time of the farewell and implicitly expressing the wish for a safe journey. The poem uses allusions skillfully, and the analogy is appropriate, the language is clear and clear, and the image is vivid and perceptible. The metaphors are easy to understand and the scenes are natural and apt.

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