Ye Qingchen Poem: Homage to the Imperial Court · Detain the Parting – 叶清臣《贺圣朝·留别》



Homage to the Imperial Court
· Detain the Parting

Ye Qingchen
With cups full of green wine, I ask you to stay:
Don’t go so soon away!
Two-thirds of spring are full of grief and pain,
One-third of wind and rain.
The flowers blow and fade.
How many have stayed?
Let’s chant aloud! Of what can we complain?
Next year when peonies blow in vain,
Where can we meet again?

This lyric expresses the poet’s deep regret of parting.


The composition of the lyricist Ye Qingchen of the Song Dynasty is entitled “Homage to the Imperial Court · Detain the Parting”. The main theme of this lyric is that it is easy to say goodbye and difficult to meet, and the first piece is about staying for a drink, while the second piece is about parting. The language is robust and the tone is majestic, revealing a bold and cheerful aura behind the despairing farewell feelings. The title of the song is “Staying for Farewell”, which focuses on the sadness of parting with friends, with a mixture of contradictory feelings, including sad words of gloom and sadness, and words of relief and relief. It is a peculiar and unconventional idea, as Su Shi’s “The Song of the Water Dragon”, “A pond of ping-pong, three parts of spring, two parts of dust, one part of flowing water”, and He Chuang’s “The Green Jade Case”, “A river of tobacco, a city full of wind and flurries, plum blossoms”. It is the blueprint of “A river of tobacco, a city full of wind and flurries, and rain when the plum is yellow.

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