Zhang Xian Poem: Magnolia Flowers · Cold Food Day in 1075 – 张先《木兰花·乙卯吴兴寒食》

Zhang Xian – 张先






Zhang Xian – 张先

Magnolia Flowers
· Cold Food Day in 1075

Zhang Xian

The Southerners in dragon boats contest in speed,
Fair maidens on the bamboo seat swing to and fro.
Plucking sweet flowers, women linger in the mead,
Treading on the green field, townspeople come and go.

The floating clouds blown off, dim is the distant hill;
Flute songs are hushed, deserted gardens quiet.
Steeped in the moon’s pure light, the middle court is still;
Leaving no shadow, countless willow downs run dot.

This lyric describes how people passed the Cold Food Day, which marked the end of the three-day period when Chinese families refrained from starting cooking fire at home.

Zhang Xian – 张先


“Magnolia Flowers · Cold Food Day in 1075” is a lyric by Zhang Xian, a Song Dynasty lyricist. The lyric is both a painting of the customs of the Cold Eclipse Festival and an ode to the tranquil sunset of the old and the old. The upper part of the lyric is about the joy of the festival, while the lower part is about the quietness after the joy. In the upper piece, the lively scene is written from the eyes of an old man watching, but the lively scene still contains a tranquil mood; in the lower piece, the willow fluttering in the quiet moonlight is deliberately written, which can also be said to have movement in the quiet.

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