Zeng Ji Poem: On My Way in the Mountains– 曾几《三衢道中》








[1] 曾几:对南宋奸相秦桧不满的忠臣。《千家诗》注说:“此春暮出游,初夏而返之诗也。当黄梅之时,不雨而连晴数日,泛小舟而回,溪水尽处,舍舟而行山路也。绿树阴浓,不减初来之路,更有黄鹂巧啭于深林,比来时更添幽趣也。”这首诗写诗人在暮春初夏之交,游山玩水,过林听鹂,尽情享受自然美的乐趣。

[2] 泛尽:乘船到了溪的尽头。

[3] 却山行:改走山路。

[4] 不减:不减少,差不多。

On My Way in the Mountains

Zeng Ji

When mume fruit turns yellow, it’s fine from day to day;

Leaving the stream, in the mountains I go my way.

I find the shade as green as when I came alone;

What is more, I hear four or five golden orioles’ song.


The poem “On My Way in the Mountains” is a seven-line poem written by Zeng Qi, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty. The first line of the poem is about the time of the trip, the second line about the route of the trip, the third line about the beautiful scenery of the green shade, which is still as dense as when climbing the mountain, and the fourth line about the sound of the yellow warbler, which adds a few more pleasant chirps of the yellow warbler to the green forest along the roadside, adding endless vitality and interest to the road in Sanqu Mountain. The whole poem is bright and natural, and is very rich in life rhythm.

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