Zhao Gu Poem: On the Riverside Tower – 赵嘏《江楼有感》








[1] 赵嘏:公元842年进士。《千家诗》注说:“此登楼忆旧之诗也。言独上江楼,悄然而有思也。但见江中水月,流光与天一色。因忆去年同上此楼玩月之人,今已不在,惟风光月色不减去年之景。对景怀人,其感深矣。”这首诗写出了古代知识分子深厚的友情。

[2] 悄然:忧愁伤感的样子。

[3] 玩月:赏月。

[4] 依稀:仿佛。

On the Riverside Tower

Zhao Gu

Alone I mount the riverside tower and sigh,

To see moonbeams blend with waves and waves with the sky.

Last year I came to view the moon with my compeer,

But where is he now the moon shines bright as last year?


This poem is a seven-line stanza composed by the Tang Dynasty poet Zhao Long. It is a poem of nostalgia for old friends and events, expressing the memory of friends and the melancholy feelings when climbing the river tower alone. The first two lines are about the poet climbing the river at night and seeing only the moonlight in the river sky. In the second two lines, the poet reflects on the past and the present, and expresses the feeling that the scenery is still the same but the people have changed. The poet’s language is light and elegant, and he uses the scenery to send his feelings with sincere emotions.

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