Wei Yingwu Poem: On the West Stream of Chuzhou – 韦应物《滁州西涧》

Wei Yingwu – 韦应物









[1] 韦应物:中唐诗人,人称韦苏州。这首诗是写西涧之景及幽独之情。但《千家诗》编者认为是讽刺诗,注中说:“此亦托讽之诗。草生涧边,喻君子生不遇时;鹂鸣深树,讥小人谗佞而在位。春水本急,遇雨而涨,又当晚潮之时,其急更甚,喻时之将乱也。野渡有舟,而无人运济,喻君子隐居山林,无人举而用之也。”诗无达诂,可以见仁见智,但都可以看出,唐朝知识分子不得其用,是常有的事。诗的解释越多,内容也越丰富。

[2] 怜:爱怜。

[3] 深树:树林深处。

[4] 野渡:野外的渡口。

[5] 横:横浮,形容无人照管。

On the West Stream of Chuzhou

Wei Yingwu

Alone I like the riverside where green grass grows

And golden orioles sing amid leafy trees.

When showers fall at dusk, the river overflows:

A lonely boat athwart the ferry floats at case.

Wei Yingwu – 韦应物


“On the West Stream of Chuzhou” is a poem by Wei Yingyu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The author wrote this poetic poem when he was the governor of Chuzhou and visited the west stream of Chuzhou. Although the poem is written about ordinary scenery, but by the poet’s coloring, but into a deep mood of the rhyme of the painting, but also contains a poet is not in its place, not its use of helpless and sad feelings, that is, the author of his own talent is not met with injustice.

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