Wang Anguo Poem: Shortened Form of Magnolia Flower · Spring Love – 王安国《减字木兰花·春情》





Shortened Form of Magnolia Flower
· Spring Love

Wang Anguo
Beneath the painted bridge water flows by;
No fallen flowers wet with rain can ever fly.
At dusk the moon is seen;
On horse I still smell the fragrance behind the screen.

Silently lingering around,
Where will my dreaming soul tonight be found?
Unlike the weeping willow,
Whose down will fly into her room and on her pillow.

This lyric describes a lover’s complaint that he cannot enter his lover’s room as the willow down.


The poet Wang Anguo composed this piece of literature in the Song Dynasty. It is a lyric about the sorrow of separation between a man and a woman. The phrase “painting a bridge and flowing water, the rain is wet and the fallen red cannot fly” paints a scenery of late spring, making people feel spring emotions. The line “Wandering without saying a word, where is the soul of my dream going tonight” is very much about the depth of remembrance and the pain of longing. The concluding line, “Unlike the weeping poplar, the flying flowers are still in the bridal chamber”, uses Zhang Xian’s meaning of “not as good as the peach and apricot, but still married to the east wind”, and uses a personification technique to write that the poplar flowers still know how to fly into the bridal chamber, while people are grieving for being far away at this time.

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