Yan Shu Poem: Silk-washing Stream – 晏殊《浣溪沙·一向年光有限身》

Yan Shu – 晏殊




Yan Shu – 晏殊

Silk-washing Stream
Yan Shu
What can a short-lived man do with the fleeting year
And soul-consuming separations from his dear?
Refuse no banquet when fair singing girls appear!

With hills and rills in sight, I miss the far-off in vain.
How can I bear the fallen blooms in wind and rain!
Why not enjoy the fleeting pleasure now again?

The poet thinks it better to enjoy the fleeting pleasure than to regret the fleeting time.

Yan Shu – 晏殊


“Silk-washing Stream” is a lyric written by Yanshu, a lyricist of the Northern Song Dynasty. The lyric laments that life is short and there are too many partings, and urges people to be happy in time. The first piece says that time is short, life is short, and there are too many partings. The next piece carries on the idea of parting, reflecting the lyricist’s attitude towards life of grasping the present, enjoying life, and transcending sorrow and suffering. The whole lyric is somber, but the scene is very large and grand, and it has a kind of gentle weather, and the language is clear and beautiful, which is quite interesting.

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