Chen Fu Poem: Snow on the River at Dusk – 陈孚《江天暮雪》















Snow on the River at Dusk

Chen Fu

Jade flowers whirl in endless sky;

Ting islets whiten far and nigh.

No traces of wild geese withdrawn,

Cliffs loom at dusk as if at dawn.

The fisherman, cold, will go back,

But he has lost the beaten track.

His boat drifts while he sits asleep;

His cloak melts in mist dense and deep.


The poem “Snow on the River at Dusk” is a five-line poem written by Chen Fu, a poet of the Yuan Dynasty. The first four lines focus on the scenery, writing about the scene when the boat is traveling in the river and encountering snow in the evening; the second four lines focus on the people, the fisherman in the river lying in the boat, letting the boat drift and gradually disappearing in the snow. The whole poem is of the same motion and stillness, with a lofty mood. It is a poem that expresses the poet’s deep perception of the relationship between man and nature and his own indifferent and distant mind.

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