Zhang Xian Poem: Song of Longing – 张先《相思令·蘋满溪》

Zhang Xian – 张先



Zhang Xian – 张先

Song of Longing
Zhang Xian
Duckweeds float on the brook in view;
The bank flanked with willow trees.
West of the brook I bade my lord adieu;
Back, I see the waning moon freeze.
Veiled in mist grey
And dreary breeze,
Leaning again on the door, I hear the horse neigh,
And see the gulls white two by two in flight.

This lyric describes a woman’s parting with her love.

Zhang Xian – 张先


The lyric “Song of Longing” is a composition by Zhang Xian (or Ouyang Xiu) of the Song Dynasty. This lyric selects scenes such as the apple in the stream, the willow around the embankment, the low-hanging moon, the falling smoke, the miserable wind, and the cold gull to create a hazy realm, effectively rendering and highlighting the mournful state of mind of the sender. The whole word ends with scenic words and melts the emotion into the scene, and its distinctive feature is that the tone of the words is in perfect harmony with the emotion of the words. The rhyme is very dense, so the sound is very tight. The rhyme is very dense and the sound is tight. The low rhyme and the sound of the words and the sharp and dense rhyme form a poignant tune with a sentimental sound, which is consistent with the mood of the words and complements each other.

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