Huang Tingjian Poem: The Beautiful Lady Yu · Mume Viewed in Yizhou Blossoms – 黄庭坚《虞美人·宜州见梅作》

Huang Tingjian – 黄庭坚




Huang Tingjian – 黄庭坚


The Beautiful Lady Yu
· Mume Viewed in Yizhou Blossoms

Huang Tingjian
Message comes from the south to the end of the sky,
When mumes burst open, spring is nigh.
At dead of night the wind is slight, your fragrance late.
Who knows at dawn your branches bloom at southern gate?
You’re envied by powder of the Terrace of Jade;
You waft amid the brows and will not fade.
All my life long I love you with wine cup in hand;
My young heart oldens ten years away from homeland.

The poet writes this lyric to the mume flower and compares her purity to his own personality.

Huang Tingjian – 黄庭坚


“The Beautiful Lady Yu · Mume Viewed in Yizhou Blossoms” is a lyric by Huang Tingjian, a writer and calligrapher of the Song Dynasty. It is written after the author’s deportation. The lyrics focus on the chanting of plums, and make a contrast between the end of the world and the south of the Yangtze River, the old age and the youth, and the ten years of absence from the country and the life of the author, showing not only the joy of seeing plums at the end of the world and the joy of seeing flowers, but also the emotions of the past and the present, showing the injustice and resentment in the author’s heart. The entire lyric is written in a very deep and sincere way, starting from the scenery, euphoniously and delicately, ending with emotions and expressing the heart directly, with a sparse style and quite a rhyme, which is a reflection of the valley’s lonely and depressed personality.

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