Liu Kezhuang Poem: The Shuttling Orioles – 刘克庄《莺梭》

Liu Kezhuang – 刘克庄








[1] 莺梭:翻飞的黄莺好像织布的梭子。

[2] 刘克庄:南宋爱国诗人。《千家诗》注说:“此咏莺之诗。莺梭,言其莺飞鸣迅速,来往园林,抛掷如机梭之捷也。迁乔,《诗》:‘出自幽谷,迁于乔木。’言鸟当冬时,蛰伏于幽谷之中,及春暖始迁于乔木之上,其声嘤嘤而交交,如弄机杼之声焉。当洛阳三月,百花艳丽繁华,犹如锦绣。观尔莺梭抛掷于园林之中,费几许工夫,织成如此锦绣春光也。”诗中借黄莺歌颂了劳动。

[3] 掷柳:在柳树之间跳跃。

[4] 迁乔:迁移到乔木上。

[5] 交交:形容黄莺的鸣叫好像织布的声音。

The Shuttling Orioles

Liu Kezhuang

So deep in love, you shuttle between willow trees;

You twitter when you play with the loom as you please.

The blooming capital in spring looks like brocade,

With how much labor is the woven picture made?


“The Shuttling Orioles” is a seven-line poem written by Liu Kezhuang, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty. The first two lines of the poem relate the rapid flight and chirping of the yellow warbler to the weaving of a shuttle, a peculiar and apt metaphor. The last two lines of the poem are a strange and apt metaphor, in which the yellow warbler, like a shuttle, is associated with the beautiful spring scenery of Luoyang, which is full of flowers, and is woven by the yellow warbler flying around. The poem reflects the author’s admiration for the beautiful spring light and his infinite love for it, in contrast to the Southern Song ruler’s indifference to the fallen rivers and mountains.

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