Huang Tingjian Poem: The Southern Tower– 黄庭坚《鄂州南楼书事》

Huang Tingjian – 黄庭坚








[1] 黄庭坚:北宋诗人,与苏轼齐名。《千家诗》注说:“此居水上楼台,凭栏闲眺之作。四望之间,山光与水光相接;荷花十里,香气袭人而来。芰,小菱也,其花与荷杂开于水面也。当晚之时,明月已上,清风徐来。闲散之人,无拘无束,惟有凭栏南向,而纳其一味清凉,享天地自然之乐。”诗人充分享受了自由之乐。

[2] 芰荷香:菱花与荷花的香气。芰,菱。

[3] 一味凉:一阵凉爽。

Huang Tingjian – 黄庭坚


The Southern Tower

Huang Tingjian

Looking around, I find bright hills blend with rills bright;

Leaning on rails, I smell fragrance of lotus flower.

The breeze is free to blow and the moon to shed light;

They bring refreshing coolness to the Southern Tower.

Huang Tingjian – 黄庭坚


The poem ” The Southern Tower” is a poem by Huang Tingjian. The poem describes the scene of climbing up the building and looking out on a summer night. “The bright moon plays an important role in the poem: because of the bright moon, it is possible to see the indistinguishable landscape in the haze, and to know that the fragrance of flowers is the fragrance of ten miles of water lilies. The last two lines of the poem are especially wonderful. The poet feels that the breeze carries the moonlight and the moonlight is like the breeze, and they blend together to bring coolness and comfort.

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