Liu Yuxi Poem: The Taoist Temple Revisited – 刘禹锡《再游玄都观》








[1] 这首诗中作者把自己比作桃树,把提拔自己的宰相比作种桃道士,把官场比作菜花苍苔,是一首借物讽人、不满现实的讽刺诗。

[2] 净尽:彻底消失。

[3] 种桃道士:代指当时打击自己的权贵们。

The Taoist Temple Revisited

Liu Yuxi

In half of the wide courtyard only mosses grow;

Peach blossoms all fallen, only rape flowers blow.

Where is the Taoist planting peach trees in this place?

Only I come again after my new disgrace.



“The Taoist Temple Revisited” is a seven-line poem composed by Liu Yuxi, a writer of the Tang Dynasty. The poem revisits old events, challenging the powerful and noble who attacked the author, and expressing that he will not give in to compromise because of repeated retaliation. The first two lines describe the desolate scenery of Xuanduguan after its prosperity, and the second two lines relate the changes of flower affairs to the poet’s own rise and fall. The whole poem uses similes to satirize the characters and events of the time, showing the poet’s indomitable and strong will.

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