Chen Fu Poem: To the Temple of Golden Hill – 陈孚《金山寺》
















To the Temple of Golden Hill

Chen Fu

Bowing, you drink on boundless waves celestial light;

There is another heaven and earth on your height.

In your pagoda’s shade cloud-veiled river’s mouth hides;

Your ringing bells cross the sea gate with rising tides.

Your monk’s cells tremble when the mermaids sink or swim;

Like castles in the air your Buddhist lamps look dim.

Only the water of your Central Fountain clear,

Remains without a stain or dust from year to year.


“To the Temple of Golden Hill” is a seven-line poem written by Chen Fu, a poet of the Yuan Dynasty. The first line of the poem describes the lofty Jinshan Temple, with a wide view; the first line describes the majestic Jinshan Temple; the neck line turns to the inside of the temple, writing a mythical and imaginary color; the last line describes the Zhongling Spring. The whole poem is beautiful, and the first and last lines are in harmony, which is enough to compete with Su Shi’s “Journey to Jinshan Temple”.

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