Du Lei Poem: Winter Night– 杜耒《寒夜》








[1] 杜耒:南宋诗人。《千家诗》注说:“寒夜客来,以茶可以当酒。呼童煮茗,炉火初红,与客共话于寒窗月下。寻常亦是此月,但觉今夜梅花芳香袭人,其景倍佳于他日也。”清寒的诗人在寻常的月夜,用寻常的茶招待寻常的客人,但有梅花的清香和初红的火炉相伴,就显出了诗人的清高和热情,于寻常处见不寻常了。

[2] 竹炉:外面罩有竹篾套子的火炉。

[3] 寻常:平常。

Winter Night

Du Lei

I offer tea, not wine, to a guest on cold night,

When water boils on the stove, fire burns with flame bright.

As usual into my window peeps the same moonlight,

Shining on mume blossoms, it seems a better sight.


“Winter Night” is a seven-line poem composed by Du Lei, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty. It is a fresh and elegant poem of friendship with endless rhythm. The first two lines of the poem are about a guest’s visit on a cold night, and the host lights a fire and burns tea to entertain the guest; the second two lines are about the plum blossoms just blooming outside the window, which makes the moon in front of the window tonight have a special flavor and look different from the usual. The language of the whole poem is fresh and natural, without any elaborate brushwork, and the mood of the poem is fresh, timeless and evocative.

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