Qian Qi: To Master Pei, a Palace Official ~ 《赠阙下裴舍人》 钱起 with English Translations


《赠阙下裴舍人》 钱起


To Master Pei, a Palace Official
Qian Qi
Th’ imperial garden amid golden orioles’ song awakes
In the forbidden city, somber in early spring morn.
The boom of the bell dies away after through flowers it breaks.
The willows by the pool sway in the rain, dark and forlorn.
And nothing, not e’en the warm sun, could thaw my bitter pain,
Yet true and loyal to the emp’ror shall I always be.
For years, alas, I’ve sent my writings to court all in vain,
And white-haired now, I’m mortified your regalia to see.

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