Qin Guan Poem:Riverside Daffodils – 秦观《临江仙·千里潇湘挼蓝浦》

Qin Guan – 秦观


















Riverside Daffodils

Qin Guan

I roam along the thousand-mile blue river-shore,

Where floated Poet Qu’s orchid boat of yore.

The moon is high, the wind goes down, the dew is clear.

Ripples tranquil appear,

A skyful of stars shiver.

Silent, leaning against the high mast on the river,

I seem to hear the lute of the fairy queen.

Her music moves all hearts now as before.

When her song ends, she is not seen,

Leaving, on the stream but peaks green.


The poet expresses his loneliness and dreariness when banished to the riverside where the fairy queen of Emperor Shun and the poet Qu were drowned.

Qin Guan – 秦观


“Riverside Daffodils” is a poem written by Qin Guan in the Northern Song Dynasty. This lyric was written in the third year of Shaosheng of Song Zhezong, when the author was relegated to Chenzhou, recalling the feelings of the former Xiaoxiang. The lyricist imagines from the boat in the Xiang Shui River, linking his sorrow of deportation with the misfortunes of Qu Yuan and Xiang Ling, his feelings are miserable but not humble. In the art, the scene is picturesque and conveys the night color of the Xiang River very well, the silent and quiet scene is as if in the present, and the use of the previous lines is like a self-created. It is full of sentimental moods and is permeated with the rhythm of Chu rhymes, which is unique among Qin Guan’s words.

Qin Guan – 秦观


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